Medical science evolves rapidly and diagnostic equipment evolves with it. At CMP we stay ahead of the curve by staying on top of the latest developments in fast-changing technologies and adapting them to fit our clients’ needs. Critical medical technology requires exacting tolerances, and CMP’s experience in building and integrating enclosures for ultrasound, CAT scans, MRIs and nuclear imaging makes it a world leader in providing sophisticated systems for patient care.

Foster Your Competitive Advantage

CMP’s strong product design skills in NPI and Rapid Prototyping has helped medical companies stay on top and grow in the intensely competitive market by supporting continuous product innovations and replacing technologies to achieve quicker time-to-market.

A Supplier You Can Trust

CMP recognizes the importance of information integrity and the various regulations and standards that medical equipment suppliers must adhere to. Our ISO 9001:2000 certified processes and dedicated resources ensure integrity is maintained and high quality & reliable products are achieved.